Print Ad Concepts

Just like FiveFingers, these concepts are all about freedom—from the way the copy is laid out to the bleeding watercolors and the clean white space. There's enough emotion-filled story to bring you into the mindset, with just enough left to the imagination. The reader is free to visualize his or herself in the situation: running for the joy of running.


Why limit yourself to the same path, the same old run and the same old shoes? Free your feet and your passion.

This is the basis for our pinterest approach, where we've broken out of the confines to free your run. The runner takes over multiple pin space just to show the liberating feel and capability of FiveFingers. He's free to explore new opportunities. All pins lead to the landing page, focusing on user-generated photos and content about "freeing their run."


App Concept

Once you step into a pair of FiveFingers, you won't be able to stop. That's why we've loaded tons of unmapped routes into the Trailblazer app. Routes you won't find on google maps. Explore new terrain in your area, with trails available from newbie to seasoned. Simply open the app, let it find your location and choose the trail you want to blaze. Not sure which path to pick? Browse photos from other runners to get a better idea of the route. When you're done, add your own to the gallery by tagging your post with #freeyourrun. Easily share your progress, distance and photos with friends.

Digital Billboard

To further communicate how freeing it is to run in FiveFingers, we'll take over a section of billboards in major cities. The concept will show a runner bounding from digital billboard to the next, leaving a message in her wake. Why stay in one billboard when you could explore other terrain? The stark contrast of watercolor in a completely digital setting, combined with the quick change to all white, will catch the attention of passerbys.