Strategic Design
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Talkin' Trash

Our key strategy was to meet people where they are. 1) Composting needs to be an easy choice to make, and 2) you need to go where people are already intending to be (and where there is food waste) to educate them about composting. This was the impetus for partnering with the Walker Art Center for two of the most popular summer events in the Cities: the Internet Cat Video Festival, and Music & Movies in the Park.

In addition to our physical set-up at the events, we harnessed social media to gain extra momentum. By creating a webpage and the hashtag #talkintrashmpls, we aimed to drive people to both to instagram, tweet, and share what was happening in real time. 


Since Hennepin County is cleaning up their act requiring that an action plan be in place for universal composting by the end of 2014, the timing of this project couldn't have been more perfect. Collecting a combined total of 895 pounds of compost at our attended events, we’d say Minneapolis is ready for a change. It’s prime time to start Talkin’ Trash.