The hearing aid industry is built on one-to-one relationships, yet no one was recognizing and celebrating the hearing professionals who make hearing possible. To humanize ReSound and make the brand more emotionally impactful, we shifted the conversation away from features and benefits and focused on the end result ReSound enables – professionals helping their patients reconnect with the world around them.


Inspired by the magical moments that happen when hearing is restored, we developed a “Moments that Matter” concept to honor the people who use ReSound products to change lives every day. We interviewed hearing professionals and brought their “Moments” to life through a microsite, video, print and banner ads, tradeshow experience, user conference, and patient-facing collateral. In addition, ReSound as an organization is living the movement, with their “Moment Makers” employee recognition initiative and “Moment Maker Grant” community scholarship program.


In its first 12 months, the Moments microsite had over 850,000 page views and more than 250,000 unique visitors – with a whopping 2,185 “Moments” submitted from hearing professionals – and their customers. The “Moments” movement transformed ReSound into a truly differentiated, emotionally engaging brand that’s focusing not only on its products, but on the life-changing moments they enable between hearing professionals and patients. Likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter doubled in less than six months, and both sales and Net Promoter Score both increased significantly as a direct result.